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An audiogram is a graph that shows the audible threshold for standardized frequencies as measured by an audiometer. The Y axis represents intensity measured in decibels and the X axis represents frequency measured in Hertz.

While an audiologist performs audiograms to clinically evaluate a patients’ level of hearing, researchers will use audiograms in their projects as well. For example, one the 2012 Emerging Researchers is measuring the brain’s responses to the timing information of sounds and the ability of the brain to accurately follow this timing and use this information to build a coherent percept of the environment. His use of audiograms is necessary to rule out possible hearing issues such as high frequency hearing loss. This information is not needed or used to clinically evaluate these patients but it is critically important for many of the hearing research studies that he conducts.

Your contribution will allow a researcher to conduct audiograms and progress the hearing field forward.

Gifts made for the wish list represent a contribution to the entire mission of the organization. We use your gifts in areas of greatest need in order to advance scientific research and programs of Hearing Health Foundation. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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