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Electron microscope usage

Use of an electron microscope: $2,500

An electron microscope uses a beam of electrons to illuminate a specimen and produce a magnified image. An electron microscope has greater resolving power than a light-powered optical microscope because electrons have wavelengths about 100,000 times shorter than visible light photons.

Almost every one of our scientists uses an electron microscope for their research. From examining inner ear hair cells to looking at how the ear processes sound, a scientist cannot conduct their work without the use of an electron microscope at their lab. These microscopes are incredibly expensive to purchase, so each lab will usually purchase one with cost-sharing among those who use it.

Your contribution would allow a promising scientist to conduct their research in an efficient manner and utilize the electron microscope at their lab.

Gifts made for the wish list represent a contribution to the entire mission of the organization. We use your gifts in areas of greatest need in order to advance scientific research and programs of Hearing Health Foundation. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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