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Genetic Sequencing run

One run of genetic sequencing: $1,500

Modern DNA Sequencing allows us to “read” out the chemical composition of huge amounts of DNA. Huge advances in bioinformatics, a sub-discipline of biology concerned with the analysis of DNA, allow us to piece together these sequences extremely quickly. For example, in 1988, 8,000 building blocks of DNA could be sequenced in five years. Today, we can sequence 10 billion building blocks in five days! One of the goals of the Hearing Restoration Project is to compare the genomes of species that regenerate hair cells to see what common denominators (or progenitors) exist. The cost of sequencing a gene is $1,500. The development of techniques for whole genome analysis provides unprecedented opportunities to study changes in gene expression, as well as the mechanisms that control gene expression on a genome-wide level.

Your contribution will allow on run of this sequencing to occur and progress the hearing field forward.

Gifts made for the wish list represent a contribution to the entire mission of the organization. We use your gifts in areas of greatest need in order to advance scientific research and programs of Hearing Health Foundation. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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