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Hearing Restoration Project Honoraria for Scientific Director

Honoraria for Director of the Hearing Restoration Project: $30,000

Hearing Health Foundation has created a part-time position to manage and coordinate the HRP Consortium and HRP’s Strategic Research Plan. Peter Barr-Gillespie, Ph.D is the current Director of HRP and has been active contributor to the field of hearing and balance science for years.

The Director of HRP actively implements the spirit of the Consortium and the HRP Strategic Research Plan by creating formal and informal opportunities for data and information sharing among the Consortium scientists. He augments the discussions by inviting outside speakers to interact with Consortium members as required, and monitor the productivity of the consortium members so that the hearing restoration goal can be met. The Director manages the membership of the Consortium including monitoring of compliance with the membership agreement, and work with Consortium members, as needed, on developing descriptions and budgets for proposed project. In addition, he maintains active dialogue with the scientific community outside of the Consortium to stay abreast of new techniques, discoveries, and other matters that may be relevant to the HRP Strategic Research Plan and the work of the Consortium.

Your sponsorship of the honoraria for the Director of HRP would be acknowledged in the following ways:

  • Special photo opportunity with you and Dr. Barr-Gillespie.
  • Private tour of Dr. Barr-Gillespie’s lab at Oregon Health & Science University.
  • Special recognition in Hearing Health Magazine, our national consumer magazine with 215,000 readers per issue.
  • Feature article in Hearing Health Foundation’s e-newsletter.
  • Recognition on our website, www.hearinghealthfoundation.org
  • Inclusion in Hearing Health Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter channels.

Video excerpt to be featured on Hearing Health Foundation’s website and YouTube channel where you can highlight why you chose to fund this position and what HRP personally means to you.

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