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Honoraria for Scientific Advisory Board of the Hearing Restoration Project

Honoraria for Scientific Advisory Board of the Hearing Restoration Project: $7,000

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Hearing Restoration Project is an oversight group composed of senior scientists in audition, regenerative biology, and related fields. The Director of HRP chairs the SAB, which also may include members of the HRP Sub-Committee of Hearing Health Foundation’s Board of Directors, and one member of the HRP Consortium elected annually by the Consortium members.

The SAB meets annually, or as needed by conference call, to review Consortium proposals submitted for funding and mid-year and terminal progress reports. The SAB reviews the Strategic Research Plan as developed by the Consortium and make recommendations regarding scientific priorities and specific projects and experiments to fund. The SAB provides advice and expertise in the conduct of the HRP-funded research, in terms of efficacy of the Consortium model and realization of Consortium goals/Strategic Research Plan and make recommendations for adjustments in the HRP Consortium’s processes or goals over time.

The SAB votes on the priority ranking of the Consortium’s proposals and make written recommendations to the HRP Sub-Committee and Hearing Health Foundation Board for final approval and funding of all Consortium proposals. The SAB monitors ongoing project progress (in conjunction with Director of HRP) as relates to specific project milestones and objectives. The SAB also provides mid-term and final evaluation on each funded project’s success or failure.

Your contribution would allow Hearing Health Foundation the ability to thank these senior scientists in the field of regeneration biology for their contribution and efforts over the course of the year.