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Sponsor the collaborative research of one Hearing Restoration Project grant

Sponsor one collaborative HRP project: $100,000

This year, the first four research grants for the Hearing Restoration Project were awarded. Each project is collaborative comprising multiple consortium members from different institutions working together and sharing resources. Initial research funded by Hearing Health Foundation led to the discovery that some animals, such as birds or chickens, spontaneously regenerate hair cells in the inner ear that when damaged or die cause hearing loss. Once these cells are restored, hearing is restored. The first HRP projects focus upon studying and comparing the genomes (or underlying DNA) of these animals that spontaneously regenerate their own hair cells. This first phase of research is an integral part of HRP’s Strategic Research Plan, which was designed by the Consortium members and guides all of the HRP research.

Next year, we aim to award even more HRP research grants in order to continue the first phase of comparative genomic research. This research is essential in getting us to a cure for hearing loss in humans. With $100,000 we can award a collaborative project named in your (or a loved one’s) honor. You’ll be kept apprised of the consortium members’ progress throughout the year through mid-year and terminal progress reports.

Your named project will be acknowledged and recognized in several ways, including but not limited to:

  • Special photo opportunity with you and the consortium members.
  • Special recognition in Hearing Health Magazine, our national consumer magazine with 215,000 readers per issue.
  • Feature article in Hearing Health Foundation’s e-newsletter.
  • Recognition on our website, www.hearinghealthfoundation.org
  • Inclusion in Hearing Health Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter channels.
  • Video excerpt to be featured on Hearing Health Foundation’s website and YouTube channel where you can highlight why you chose to fund this project and what it personally means to you.

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