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Sponsor the purchase of a bioinformatics solution database

Sponsor the Purchase of a Bioinformatics Solution Database: $100,000

Central to the mission of the Hearing Restoration Project is the nature of sharing data and collaboration. Collaboration is achieved on a daily basis, as all of our funded projects are multi-institutional and involve researchers in multiple institutions working together. Data is currently being generated by our consortium members, and will ultimately need to be stored, cataloged, analyzed and retrieved by the consortium members. To this end, a comprehensive database will need to be developed, with the ability to handle terabytes (at minimum) of data with quick accessibility. This database will need to be backed up securely to ensure the integrity of data. The vision is for a portal to also be open to the public, as a central repository for inner ear data, to be used by other researchers outside of the consortium with common goals.

In addition to the necessary storehouse for the sequenced data, it is essential to have a designated technician to interpret and organize the database, so that it is searchable and the data is meaningful. The technician will understand our specific data set and will be able to easily retrieve data sets for researchers, when requested.

Your sponsorship of this database, critical to the support of HRP and its goals, would be acknowledged in the following ways:

  • Special photo opportunity with you and the consortium members.
  • Special recognition in Hearing Health Magazine, our national consumer magazine with 215,000 readers per issue.
  • Feature article in Hearing Health Foundation’s e-newsletter.
  • Recognition on our website, www.hearinghealthfoundation.org
  • Inclusion in Hearing Health Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter channels.
  • Video excerpt to be featured on Hearing Health Foundation’s website and YouTube channel where you can highlight why you chose to fund this solution and what HRP personally means to you.
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