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10th of March 2017

11th of November 2016

Veterans Day

HHF wants to thank service members and veterans and remind them that they are disproportionately at risk for sustaining hearing loss and tinnitus. Hearing loss affects how one conducts missions and follows instructions. Take precautions and protect your ears from the dangers of noise, to ensure your safety, and the safety of those around you.

1st of November 2016

Educators Must Address Diabetes-Related Hearing Loss

In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month in November, Hearing Health Foundation wants to shine light on the link between diabetes and hearing loss. Did you know the NIH has found that hearing loss is twice as common among people with diabetes as among those who don’t have the disease? Learn more in our latest blog post.

4th of October 2016

Audiology Awareness Month

October is Audiology Awareness Month and Hearing Health Foundation would like to thank audiologists for all they do in diagnosing, managing, and treating hearing loss and other hearing disorders.

13th of September 2016

A Balancing Act

This week is Balance Awareness Week, and HHF is highlighting the the inner ear and its mechanics!

7th of September 2016

Low Income at Disproportionate Risk for Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects people of every age, race, and socioeconomic level. However, there are circumstances that put different people in danger of acquiring it. Low income and impoverished people are much more likely to suffer from hearing loss than those who earn higher salaries, witnessed in both children and adults.

We’re Partnering With The Mighty!

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership that will bring Hearing Health Foundation’s resources in front of The Mighty’s wide-reaching readership. Learn more in our latest blog post!

23rd of August 2016

Conference Calls-Now With Captions

That’s right, it’s not a typo! Where I live, Virginia Relay has just announced availability of captions for conference calls. No more worrying about that caller who is always multitasking and talking into their speakerphone from two feet away. Learn about the other states that offer conference-captioning in our latest blog.

4th of August 2016

My Daughter, My Inspiration

It’s been 15 years since my daughter Georgie was born and her hearing loss discovered. At that time, I couldn’t picture that she would ever hear me say “I love you,” or that I would ever hear her call me “Mommy.” That’s not at all what Georgie’s story has been like.

2nd of August 2016

Enjoy Summer Concert Season Right

With at least another month-and-a-half left of summer concert season, we thought it would be a good time to remind music lovers to pack the earplugs. It’s an easy and smart way to make sure you can enjoy those tunes for years to come. Learn more in our latest blog post.