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6th of July 2016

Hearing Loss and Music: A Curse and/or a Blessing

I’ve always paid a lot of attention to music. When I was a kid, we (mother plus four daughters) would sing on car trips. As my hearing got worse, though, things got…odd. Learn more about Kathi’s experience with music and hearing loss in our latest blog post!

4th of February 2016

Tell Us Your Tips!

Here, at HHF, we’re working on Hearing Health’s Spring issue and our theme is…drum roll please…”Living Better With Hearing Loss.” We’d like to include expertise and advice from YOU, our readers, because who’s better than you to give your insights and experiences with living with hearing loss?

11th of November 2015

How Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Affect Our Veterans

Today is Veterans Day. The holiday is important not only because it honors our soldiers, but also because it is a time to raise awareness about their experiences on and off the battlefield. Hearing loss is a major health issue for soldiers, both active duty personnel and veterans.

19th of May 2015

Life With Hearing Loss

When 4th grader, Alex Mussomeli was asked by his teacher to write an article on a topic on which he feels he is an expert, he decided to write about his hearing loss. The following is Alex’s assignment.

10th of November 2014

Show our Veterans that You are Hear For A Cure

A glimpse in the life of one veteran upon returning from war overseas.

21st of October 2014

Advances in Brain Training

Aural rehabilitation to help acclimate the brain to hearing sound via
hearing devices is gaining a wider audience and greater success
through its online reach.

4th of August 2014

The Danger From Noise When It Is Actually Music

Noise-induced hearing loss affects anyone exposed to very loud or chronic noise. It doesn’t matter if the “noise” is actually music.

12th of May 2014

The State of Deaf Education Today

Have advances in technology, changes in attitudes, and decades of research influenced how children with hearing loss learn and are taught?

1st of May 2014

Meet Les Paul Ambassador Saxophonist Chris Potter

Chris Potter is a world-renowned saxophonist and composer who has been living with Ménière’s disease, a hearing and balance disorder, for two decades. We’re thrilled that he is our second Les Paul Ambassador.

21st of April 2014

Let’s Get Looped!

Hearing loop systems deliver clear sound – free from background noise, echo, or distortion – directly into hearing aids that are equipped with telecoils (T-coils).